July was super gnarly, recovering from a trip to Oakland, Ca. and hosting two Skate Jelly Jam Comps we barely had time to sleep. Throughout all of the craziness Zack Wiegand took care of business. In what looked to be a serious injury in late June he came out anyway to all of our events and showed his support to the shop and the entire Concrete Skate Crew by judging both Skate Jelly Jams. He even made it out to the Zumies Best Foot Forward Comp in Oakland, CA and took home BEST TRICK just a couple of weeks earlier. We couldn't be more proud of what Zack has accomplished since we opened our doors at the Lodge so it makes it easy to name him July 2018 - Concrete Skater of the Month. Oh and did we mention he released a new skate video with the help of the Concrete Skate Crew! Make sure you watch "Dolla outa 15 cents" Make sure you follow Zack @zack.uu


It's Labor Day weekend 2018 and we have so much to look forward to this Month. The team is united and actively working together to get some last minute clips for Every Sunday; a Robby Givens Skateboard Film. As we move from August to September I can think of all the hard work everyone has put in but one stands out to me this month that really needs to be acknowledged. We invited T-Fake to the team a few months after we opened the shop. Since then he's progressed so much. He's definitely one of the most hard working guys on the team. He's a great example of what it should look like. Working hard and playing even harder. This month we also send him off to his new home in Eugene, OR We know that this is a huge step for him and one that will continue to influence the direction of his life. We are proud to call him family and excited that we still get to continue to be a huge part of his life. This Month we are excited to announce that Tyler Baugh is Skater of the month of August; for his dedication to the team and for being such a positive encourager everywhere he goes. We love you dude!

Robby Givens

Kaylee Bullan

Isaiah Chavarria

Andrue Cortez

Will McCabe

Tyler "T-Fake" Baugh

Cameron Ortiz

Koui Saechao

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Zack WIegand